DoB: 12/07/1994
Height: 189cm
Weight: 74kg

Specialty: Driver, Time Trials

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Place of residence: Sydney, Australia
Club: Uni Velo Club
Category: Elite

Goals for 2018: Win a NRS tour overall, win a NRS one-day race, win a race internationally

Worst day on the bike and why: Nationals Elite TT 2017 – I spent months and months training specifically for it, TT power was matching road bike power, hitting PB’s in training etc. Get there on race day and it’s 35 degrees, sun reflecting straight off the tarmac and I hadn’t done any heat acclimatisation work whatsoever. 4 minutes into the TT I hit max HR and it was the most painful TT I have ever done, finished not far from the last. Lesson learnt the hard way – train for the event conditions and not just the effort.

Hobbies outside of cycling: Veganism (sorry, not sorry)

Joined mobius BridgeLane: 2016

9th Elite Men’s Time Trial Australian National Championships
NSW Road Race Champion
1st Team Classification Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour
2nd Team Time Trial Battle Recharge

Strava: Jesse Coyle