mobius BridgeLane welcomes Aden Reynolds as new Performance Director

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Future Racing, the seed from which mobius BridgeLane grew from, is not just something you join or follow from year to year; it is designed to draw you into a long-standing commitment. We prove this through the support of our mobi-mates who have moved onto other teams, you see this with the support we receive from fans, and through the ongoing long-term commitment from our partners.

As we move forward into the second half of the 2018 season, it is bittersweet to announce Aden Reynolds will be stepping away from the bike his the full-time commitment towards professional cycling. While he still plans to occasionally line up for races, mobius BridgeLane is thrilled to announce Aden will remain with the team as the new Performance Director.

“I’m excited to continue being a part of the sport, just in a different capacity. The role of performance director is something Tom and I have discussed for some time, and the time feels right for me to move forward with this. The internal thought process of deciding to change the way you approach life is something all athletes will face at some point, and I’ve learnt that this transition/mental shift is not an overnight or straightforward process. But having messages of support from guys in the team already, regarding having me on board in this capacity, has really helped with the transition.”

Aden has been a part Tom Petty’s vision since he joined the NRS team – Sydney Uni Velo in 2014, an opportunity that came as quite the shock.


Sydney Uni Velo Team – 2014

“My invitation to join the team came during the same week that I began my four-year stint at the University of New South Wales. This was a bit of a surprise at the time, given I had initially missed the cut at the end of the previous year, and the results at the beginning of the year weren’t exactly going to plan with DNF’s at Road Nationals and Oceania’s (at least I was consistent). But without hesitation, and with the semester started, three weeks later I was off to the first two races of the year, in Perth, then Adelaide.”

For the past four years, like many young aspiring Australian cyclists, Aden has been playing the balancing act of work, school, and cycling. Last month all the hard work, late nights, studying on airplanes and while road tripping along the Hume paid off; Aden graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology degree.

“After many thousands of kilometres trained, raced and travelled (mainly the Hume Highway), I found myself graduating from university. Managing academic, athletic and work pursuits concurrently was a big learning curve. The training and racing combined with the assignments and many practical hours (at least one million) meant that planning and communication became essential skills to master, and master quickly.”


Aden at his graduation last month

So how does one juggle two very demanding aspects of life?

“After a while, the process to follow at university became a little clearer, which was to communicate your plans early and always volunteer for the VO2 max test labs, so people knew you weren’t joking around with ‘the cycling thing’. In all seriousness, I know now that maintaining a strong support network through team management, university supervisors and lecturers, my coach, friends and family formed the cornerstone to hold it all together.”

“Although doing it all together could be tiring at times, completing my studies gave my mind the opportunity to think about something else, which gave my ‘cycling brain’ time to recharge. I enjoyed having something else to think about, it allowed my mind to go down a different path for a while so that when I came back to cycling, I was able to approach training and racing with a renewed focus.”

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Aden was part of the team classification win at the 2018 Tour of Tasmania

“Through these experiences, I’ve learnt that cycling is a unique sport, where physical (and mental) adaptations can take months or even years, where it feels like you have more ‘down’ days then ‘good’ days, and a sport that rewards the patient, consistent and resilient (stubborn) athlete more so than any other. I’m thankful to those who have helped me through this process and moving forward.”

“I’m looking forward to being apart of the continual development and progress of the team, one that I’ve been proud to be apart of since its formation. Tom has built a team that is never just happy ‘settling’ and one with the mindset to always challenge the processes to improve the way we do things. With this in mind, accompanied by the steady momentum the team has built and maintained since day one, I look forward to seeing what we can achieve.”

Tour of the Gila Stage Five | Photo: Harry Wiles, Peak Creative

Tour of the Gila Stage Five | Photo: Harry Wiles, Peak Creative

We spoke to Tom Petty and other teammates of Aden’s throughout his time with the team, there are many great stories and memories that will be carried on. Aden has always brought to the team a unique sense of humour (check out of Tour of the Gila “Dad Jokes” special here), a calming attitude but also a seriousness and ear to talk to when other riders need encouragement.

“Whilst I don’t profess to get everything right all the time, I’m tasked with the role of leading the team forward and as we are into our fourth year, the team has grown very quickly, it wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous support of riders the staff that have come on board and even just their support networks. Our success really belongs to the collective effort of all of these people, and that’s what the mobi-mates term comes back to. I’m looking forward to seeing Aden challenge himself in this new role and dedicate his time to helping the riders and team achieve their performance goals. It’s massively satisfying on a personal level to be able to continue to support that journey through our team”

One teammate and friend who has been with Future Racing since the beginning, Peter Livingstone, says that Aden has always brought something special to the team and reiterates what everyone else believes, that Aden will be a huge asset as the Performance Manager.

“Oh, there are way too many stories to tell! The main thing with Ado is that he’s a calming experienced figure who was always doing his job, not complaints or stress. As in, he is the most reliable athlete I have ever competed with. I think his transition to Performance Director is a fantastic move because he essentially has always been one within the team, being a coach and a road captain. Not to mention he’s done all the races that the guys are stressing able. He is going to be a real asset to the team in the future and someone who is very important for all the riders to be able to talk to.”

Tour of the Gila Stage Four | Photo: Harry Wiles, Peak Creative

Tour of the Gila Stage Four | Photo: Harry Wiles, Peak Creative

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