mobius BridgeLane continue to inspire future generations

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On Wednesday 7th March, four mobius BridgeLane riders visited St Ives Park Public School as part of their Ride to School Safely day.


Peter Livingstone, Ben Metcalfe, Jesse Coyle and Aden Reynolds had the whole school hall captivated as they spoke about their careers, how the became professional athletes, bike safety, teamwork and healthy eating.

Since founding the team in 2014 as Future Racing, Team Owner Tom Petty has instilled the importance of giving back to the community within the team values and culture. The name, Future Racing, is not only relevant to the next generation of cyclists coming through the program, but it also refers to setting the standard of how we act and how we give back.

Tom’s mission for the team is to develop and provide the best pathway for young cyclists in Oceania, this includes supporting the young talent as they continue with tertiary education or employment while also training and racing throughout the season.

“We believe in the spirit of cycling and intend to show our true, hardworking character, we hope to move cycling forward and show the values we want to see in our sport, inspiring this and future generations to do the same,” said Tom.

Peter Livingstone is one of our most natural speakers and talks about healthy eating, our equipment and his journey into cycling with ease and excitement.

“Knowing that I am getting them out of class is a good feeling!” said Peter. “Seriously though, the enthusiasm the kids have during our presentations is infectious, it always makes me proud to visit them.”

Peter Livingstone speaks with local school children | Jayco Herald Sun Tour Stage One | Photo: Harry Wiles, Peak Creative

Peter Livingstone speaks with local school children | Jayco Herald Sun Tour Stage One | Photo: Harry Wiles, Peak Creative

“I remember school assemblies being long and boring. The only time I got excited was when a special guest came to speak. Over the years, the professional athletes who visited were easily the most engaging and whom I admired the most.”

As professional athletes, the team are in a privileged position where they can use their platform to inspire a younger generation, as Peter explains: “As an athlete we are constantly chasing highly specialise goals that we can forget where it all started, just riding bikes with mates after school or playing football on the oval. It allows them to see what we do as achievable and something to aspire to.”

When classes of school kids showed up at the stage of stage one at the Jayce Herald Sun Tour, it was Peter who naturally gravitated to 60 or so school children who had come out. Remembering how excited he got when there was a special guest at his school growing up, he enjoys being on the other side, helping inspire school kids to chase their dreams.

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“Role models are vital, they inspire you to work hard, be courteous and especially in sport, that sometimes the impossible can become possible.”

Over the past four years, mobius BridgeLane has visited a number of schools across Australia as well as in the United States when the team raced there in 2017.

“We do this to help young sportspeople learn and to share our stories as a way to help grassroots cycling,” explained Tom.


If you are interested in having mobius BridgeLane at your school, please contact Tom Petty at and we will do our best to accommodate your school between our race schedule.